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 All Mood Moss ships expedited via Fedex

Mood Moss Fresh Natural

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Mood Moss, Fresh Floral Accessories Supplies BIG approx 1.5 cu. ft. box

Direct from the grower.  Live / dry for longer shelf life.


Note:  California requires a special permit for Mood Moss.  The cost is $18 per order.

After you place your order, we will bill you for the fee.  It takes approx. 10 days for the inspection.

Mood Moss Dry 1.5 cu ft 1-2 boxes $45.00


Mood Moss Dry 1.5 cu ft 3-5 boxes $43.00


Mood Moss Dry 1.5 cu ft 6+ boxes $41.00




We also sell Spanish Moss, Shag Moss, Sheet Moss and Oregon Carpet Moss.  Please inquire for wholesale pricing.


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