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Hydrosorb Gel Crystals  

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Water Absorb Crystals E more info

Hydrosorb Water Absorb Crystals

Hydrosorb, Water Absorbing, Crystals, Polyacrylamide, Cuts water use in half, smelly jelly, cool tie, acts like a sponge, non toxic, biodegradable, cold packs, hot packs

Available in 4 oz, 1 lb, 3.5 lb, 27.5 lb and 55 lb.


Hydrosorb water crystals baggie 4 oz. $4.95


Hydrosorb water crystals box 1 lb $9.95


Hydrosorb water crystals jar 3.5 lb $29.95


Hydrosorb water crystals pail 27.5 lb, Special Order $189.95


Hydrosorb water crystals bag 55 lb, Special Order 299.95