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Large Only

Poly Gloves, 1000 per box

Protect your hands while you work.  1 mil thickness.

NO Latex or Powder.  Floppy fit to slip on quickly.

Deli-Food handling and light duty protection.

1-9 boxes, 1000 count:  $7.50/box

Save!!! Case/10 boxes $72.50  -or-  Ten Cases $700

Our most economical glove for all sorts of messy jobs





Large Only

Shoe Covers

Blue, Non Woven Disposable, Non-Skid Sole Treatment

One size fits most - (up to men's size 10 or 11)

Elastic top - A must for installers

        $3 for 10 pair   

SAVE!!! $110 per case, 1000 count (500 pairs)

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 Pruning Shears

 Pruning Shears 8" bypass with 3" cutting blades

Spring action / Plastic coated handles / carded

$3 each.    SAVE!!! 6 for $16

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Preval Sprayers

Spray it all...


You can spray just about everything with the Preval Spray Gun.  This handy portable tool can spray all kinds of liquid solutions.  Paint, lacquer, oil solvents, stains, fire retardant, glue, cleaners, insecticide, fertilizer, disinfectants, plant cleaner, even clear water.


Excellent for staining and painting your floral baskets or adding floral scents to artificial plants and flowers.

Universal Spray Gun

Complete kit includes jar, caps and power unit

     Sprays up to 16 fluid ounces


Complete spray kit

by the each or by the case


Extra Power Units 

(includes air canister, cap and down tube)

by the each or by the case


Environmentally Safe - No CFC's

Uses compressed air as the propellant


For more info click here: Preval Spray Guns

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(not sold to minors)

Spray Paint          Flame Retardant



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Garden and Plants All the liquid concentrates you need to    feed your plants go on fast and easy.  You can mix up powder or liquid insecticides, and spray just what’s needed,  where it’s needed. You can add just the right amount of fertilizer, too.  And when you use a different jar for pure water, it’s a quick, easy misting tool.

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Fire Retardant

32 fl oz Sprayers

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Full quart of retardant



Stop-It® - Fire Retardant

This high viscosity polymer formula not only goes farther than other brands, it WILL NOT DEHYDRATE TREES OR GREENS like salt-based retardants.  Ordinary spray equipment applies a fine mist to your greenery, moss, baskets, silks plants, Christmas trees and basket filler.  Dries to a PERFECTLY CLEAR finish with no unsightly globs or residue.  The solution is odorless, nontoxic, and biodegradable.  Meets national standards for flame retardant and is registered for use by the very tough California State Fire Marshal.

30-50% GREATER COVERAGE than other brands!

Visit   for more info


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Trigger Spray, 32 fl oz

(enough to treat an average Christmas tree)

great for Natural mosses too!

 1-2 bottles $19.95 each

SAVE!!! case of 3 bottles $54.95

SAVE!!! case of 6 bottles $99.95


Gallon Fire Retardant

  SAVE!!! $59.95 gallon

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Silk Plants Danger Demo


Fire Retardant


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bulk refill for spray bottles

or use in our universal sprayers





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also fits universal sprayers

and spray foam adhesive


Can Hand'ler

Transforms aerosol cans into a spray gun applicator

Snap the Can Hand'ler onto the valve rim of any aerosol can and easily transform it into a handy spray gun.  Eliminates finger fatigue and prevents accidental discharge with the trigger lock.  Keeps your fingers away from the paint spray so they stay nice and clean.  Tool is easy to clean and can be used over and over.  This deluxe well made attachment is not like the other lower quality (and more expensive) handles you may have seen advertised.  This is top quality!

$4.95 each

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Empty 32 oz Sprayers

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Full quart capacity

National brand - quality

Use to mist spray your plants

Adjusts from stream to mist

Spray cleaners, disinfectants,

air fresheners, insecticides, more

 Empty Sprayers

Empty 32 oz Spray Bottles with trigger $1.95

SAVE!!! case of 6 bottles $9.95  ($1.66 ea)

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Silk 'N Splendor

Plant Cleaner


16 oz


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 Silk 'N Splendor

Silk Plant Cleaner

Handy Aerosol or Economical Pump Action

Your choice $5.95

SAVE!!! case of 12 bottles $68.95  ($5.75 ea)

SAVE!!! case of 4 one gallon refill bottles $99.95

(Gallons currently not available) 

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Silk 'N Splendor

Plant Cleaner


24 oz



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Hydrosorb® Crystals

before      after




Candle decoration

with food coloring


scroll down for tealights


Hydrosorb crystals absorb water and turn into a gel 

Water releases - slowly* - back into the soil


Reduces watering frequency by up to 50% 

Reduces soil compaction and increases aeration

Acts like a sponge.     Lasts up to 5 years.

Cost effective – Reduces labor and water costs

Stores water and nutrients in the root zone

Minimizes hydric stress, which can slow plant growth

Maximize time intervals between irrigation cycles

Environmentally safe.  Non-toxic.  Biodegradable.

May be used indoors or outdoors.


Use for cold packs and hot packs.

(Place in a plastic ziplock type bag and freeze or heat)

Wedding table decorations, cool ties & bandanas

Create your own room freshener

(add water, fragrance oil and/or food coloring)

(use mixture in a potpourri warmer for a stronger scent.)

Use instead of water to grow "Lucky Bamboo" plants.


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(* releases water back into the soil over a period of weeks)


 Hydrosorb Product Details  


Competitive Link - Get Even More Ideas 


Available in 4 oz, 1 lb, 3.5 lbs, 27.5 lbs and 55 lbs





Hydrated Crystals

mixed with soil






Grow live plants

in colored Hydrosorb





Bulk LED Tea Lights

LED Tea Lights

click to enlarge

Bulk 12 lights per tray

Operates up to 100 hours


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LED Flickering Tea Lights

Flame free, battery operated, no smoke

Rated at 100 hours.  Battery included.

On-off switch - Replaceable battery

Safe, romantic, realistic party / mood lights

Box of 12 lights $9.99


Tea Light Pool Floats

White styrofoam daisy shaped pool / pond floats

Set of four complete with tealights

Low battery voltage, 100% safe in water

1 inch thick by 6 inches across

4 Floats with lights $9.99


 Replacement Batteries

Tea Light Lithium batteries

carded (5 per card) or bulk (25 per sheet)

Click "Buy Now" for pricing...


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Tea Lights

Daisy Floats

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set of 4



Tea Light Floats


Night Shot

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sold by set of 4




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Uses for disposable gloves

Applying lotion and tanning lotions

Pet clean up

Auto repair

Changing bird cages

Handling raw meats

Light housekeeping chores

Hobby work To help penetrate medication into the skin

Handling glue

Changing oil

Painting car models

Applying grease

Spray painting

Molding hamburgers

Finger painting

Making meat loaf

Woodwork staining

Handling fish

Changing computer ribbons & inks

Cutting fruits and vegetables

Installing toner

Cleaning the BBQ

Applying sealants

Greasing bread pans

Working with fabric dyes

Pulling weeds

Pruning trees and bushes

Harvesting fruits and vegetables

Food handling

Working with pottery

Gutting fish

Doing dry work


Doing light wet work

Scraping left over food from the dishes

Working with figurines without leaving finger prints

Handling garbage

Examining animals

Diaper changing/daycare providers

Antique shopping

Hospice care

Printing press inks and chemicals

Handling medications that may be messy

Money handling

Hair coloring

For people with nickel allergy

Beauty salons

For people with latex allergy

Nail salons

Picking up after the dog

Tattoo artists

Cleaning the cat box

Potting plants

Working with swimming pool chemicals

Polishing shoes

Applying waterproof lubricants

Using dusting sprays and window cleaners

Clearing hair from drains

Preparing cookie dough

Cleaning gutters

Craft projects Clearing lint traps
Veterinarians Chiropractors
Massage therapist Pet grooming
Police & paramedic Nurses