Store in a cool, dry place

Spanish Moss and Sheet moss and Mood moss are a perishable products.  The main enemy is moisture.  They should be exposed to normal air circulation or they will begin to decay starting in the center of the box.  This can occur in as little as 5 days even if the air surrounding the box is relatively dry.  This is because the moss is fresh and contains a certain amount of moisture which becomes trapped in a closed up box.  It is very important to open the box and fluff up the contents as soon as you receive it.  

The box should be stored with the top open.  Do not store it directly on the floor.  The box should be elevated so that air can reach all 6 sides.  (a shipping pallet or a couple of 2x4's placed under the box works nicely)

Heat also contributes to the decaying process.  Try to keep your moss in a cool place.  Continue to rotate the moss from the center of the box to the top every couple of days.  Use your moss as soon as possible.

If you should find that a problem is developing remove the moss from the box immediately.  Separate the good moss from the bad and discard the spoiled part.  Otherwise the remaining good moss will be affected and will pick up an odor from the spoiled moss.

All Spanish Moss is fresh when shipped.   If allowed to air dry according to these guidelines it should last indefinitely.  Alternatives are to remove the moss from the box and spread it out to dry or store it in a mesh bag.  

Inspect your moss upon receipt.  You must make any DOA (decayed on arrival) claims within 24 hours.  (We have never had this happen)  Hazen & Associates cannot be held responsible after 24 hours.

Our Spanish Moss customers like the fresh, realistic nature of this product and buy it for those reasons.

Sheet Moss and Mood Moss is also perishable.  The shelf life may be extended by storing the box where the air is cool and slightly moist.  When exposed to room temperatures they will eventually dry out and begin to turn brownish.  At that point, a light dusting with green floral spray can be used to restore the original color and maximize the usefulness of these products.  For a more permanent sheet moss consider out Moss Carpet.  It is dyed with a permanent green color and has a nylon mesh backing.  It can be cut into the specific size you may need.  It comes in a roll 24" wide by 96" long.

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