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Can Handler Transforms aerosol cans into a spray gun

Hotwire Foam Cutter Hand Held Cutter 12 packer 12 inch

Craft Water Floral Arranging Gel

Hotwire Foam Cutter Table Top 12" by 16"

Carpet Moss, Moss Carpet, Display Moss

Hotwire Foam Cutter - Replacement Wire

Clamps - Mini 3 inch hold down 1-1/2 in. jaw opening

Hydrosorb Water Absorbing Crystals

Dust Masks Comfort & Pollen Disposable

LED Tea Lights

Foam Adhesive Dap Beats the Nail, DAP 10.1 oz

Mood Moss

Foam Adhesive Clear DAP 10.1 oz cartridge, Alex Plus

Preval Spray Paint Replacement Air Canister Power Unit

Foam Adhesive Clear DAP 5.5 oz tube, Kwik Seal glue

Preval Spray Gun Complete Universal Spraying Tool

Foam Adhesive White DAP 5.5 oz tube, Kwik Seal glue

Pruning Shears 8 in carded Plastic coated grips

Foam Brushes Jen Wood handle Disposable

Shag Moss

Gloves Nitrile  - Disposable

Sheet Moss

Gloves Poly Disposable

Shoe Covers - Disposable

Gloves Vinyl Disposable Box 100 Medium Large Extra Large

Spanish Moss

Hot glue sticks

Stop-It Flame - Fire Retardant 32 oz Spray or Gallons

Hot Glue Gun -  Hot Melt Glue Gun

Styrofoam DOW Sheets Green Crispy 2 in. and 4 in.

Hot Glue, Skillet round 4 in.

Styrofoam Green Wreath Rings 12 in. x 2 in. with 7 in. hole


Tea Lights


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