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Live & Silk Floral Designers, Crafters & Plant Maintenance Companies
Floral Supplies and Accessories for businesses and individuals             Crime911 Security Products
True Wholesale Prices to Everyone    -   No business license required!   -   Pay No Sales Tax*
Spanish Moss, Sheet Moss, Mood Moss, Moss Carpet Styrofoam, StemGrabber Foam, Wreaths, Foam Glue Hot Glue, Guns, Glue Pots, Foam Glue, Duct Tape Fire Retardant Simulated Water Gel Gloves, Spray Paint, Brushes, Scissors, Dust Masks, Shoe Covers, Spray Bottles & Tools Hydrosorb Floral Water Absorbing Crystals LED Tea Lights, Floating Daisies, Batteries Hydrosorb Floral Gel



Natural Moss

Glue & Guns
Foam Cutters
Fire Retardant
Supplies Etc.

Contact:  Hazen & Associates    Phoenix, AZ

Call toll free: 866-269-1313 (8 AM - 8 PM MST )   E-Mail 


*No tax outside of Arizona or with valid AZ resale license
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Personal and Home Security Products

Pepper Spray - Stun Guns - Alarms - Safes - Key Hiders - Security Stickers

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